June 2012

Henry talks – steam bending – by hand

June 29, 2012
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In 1945 my great grandfather, Lucian Ercolani, the founder of ercol, had finally developed a way in which the classic Windsor chair could be mass produced. Integral to that process was our unique way of steam bending the back bows. Windsor chairs have been made in the High Wycombe area since the 16th century but […]

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ercol in Sendai

June 27, 2012
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We’re delighted to announce a new ercol display in the Fujisaki department store in Sendai, Japan.  Sendai is the capital of the Miyagi prefecture and suffered significantly during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.  After much hard work the store is back to new and now boasts a brand new ercol display, through our distributor in […]

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Henry talks – machine shop

June 19, 2012
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In my last post, I talked about our dimension parts – the timber blanks we machine our parts out of.  And so, then it was off to the machine shop for the next stop on my induction. Dim parts will now either take one of two routes out of the stores, if its a rail […]

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The House the 50s Built

June 15, 2012
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We’ve been enjoying the Channel 4 series, The House the 50s Built, showing the transformation in houses that took place from the drab, post-war austerity to a bright, modern interior during the 50s.  The widespread introduction of many labour saving gadgets – things we take for granted, like fridges, washing machines, hoovers, revolutionised people’s lives […]

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Exclusive ercol Originals for Margaret Howell

June 12, 2012
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It was fashion designer Margaret Howell who first encouraged us to reintroduce some classic pieces from our back catalogue – which grew into what now forms the ercol Originals collection. So we are delighted to have produced these exclusive versions of our butterfly and stacking chair for Margaret. The chairs have beautifully contrasting black painted […]

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Queen’s lunch

June 8, 2012
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Well, what a week of celebrations it’s been.  After the service at St. Pauls and procession on Tuesday, the Queen had lunch with the City Livery Companies in Westminster Hall.  Each Worshipful company was represented and we were delighted that Tom Dean, a previous Managing Director and long serving, now retired, employee of ercol, was […]

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Henry talks – dimension parts

June 6, 2012
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Every piece of timber in the factory will be sourced from one of two sawmills which we use. One in the US that supplies us with all our oak and elm  and one based in Northern Italy which supplies us with beech and ash.  I started off in the Dim (dimensional) part stores as this […]

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Henry talks – an introduction

June 1, 2012
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On the 5th of September 2011 we welcomed Henry Tadros, the great-grandson of ercol’s founder Lucian Ercolani, as he joined the company.  We asked Henry to tell us his experiences so far… I started working at Ercol last September. Over the next 9 months I would be able to have an indepth induction into the […]

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