Electricity use reduced

by ercol on February 17, 2010

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We feel the environment comes naturally to ercol, with our long-lasting furniture made from wood in our energy efficient factory at Princes Risborough.  However, since we moved into our new premises we have tried every year to reduce our energy consumption.  Our heat and hot water are supplied from burning our wood waste in our biomass boiler, but we still have to use electricity to run our machinery and lighting (despite extensive use of natural daylight).

We’ve instigated a rigorous regime of turning out lights when not in use, including the main factory lighting, have reviewed our lighting needs and adjusted lighting density where appropriate and we have modified our extraction systems to make them more efficient and ensure a demand is only placed on the system when really needed by machines.  Well, we’ve just had our final bill in for last year and are pleased to say that in 2009 we managed to reduce our electricity consumption by a little over 10% compared to 2008.  We are now looking into ways we can further reduce our consumption in 2010.  After all, every little bit helps.

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