ercol keeps on truckin’

by ercol on January 3, 2014

Bevan21 - Ercol (Sunrent) (9)With our old trucks reaching the end of their service lives we’ve just taken delivery of our new fleet of ercol lorries, for delivering your ercol furniture to your retailer who will then deliver it to your home.  We were able to take the opportunity to increase the fuel efficiency and hence reduce the carbon footprint of our fleet, specifying the additional option of a streamlined body, with curved roof, specially moulded air deflector and cab collar.  These new bodies were manufactured for us at Bevan’s production facility inBevan21 - Ercol (Sunrent) (12) Halesowen, West Midlands.  They offer a weight saving of almost 1,000 kg over our previous system, further helping the fuel efficiency.

The lorries bear ercol’s livery along with large images of our ever popular studio couch.  Keep an eye out for these distinctive lorries in your area.

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