For a smooth Christmas, start planning now!

by ercol on October 13, 2016

You can never start preparing for Christmas too soon and whilst not everyone wants to think about Christmas in October, here at ercol it is very much front of mind.  Christmas is a busy time of year for us all for many reasons, but planning and being organised can really help.

Many of you will be planning a large gathering with friends and family.  And to make the day go smoothly, you need to think where everyone is going to sit for the festive feast and afterwards to watch TV or to play some party games.  And if you have family staying over where everyone will sleep?

Romana table and sideboard

Romana table and sideboard

Marino chair. Capena sideboard

Marino chair. Capena sideboard












Do you have room at your table or do you need a larger table?

You may want a new sofa to relax on after Christmas dinner?

Perhaps you may need additional bedroom furniture to accommodate any overnight guests?

If you are thinking about buying some new ercol furniture, then you need to be ordering it soon to ensure it you will have it in time for Christmas.  To guarantee delivery, we will stop taking orders on some ranges from the end of October.  Ask your retailer for details.


Get inspired to create the perfect festive setting by looking though our ranges of furniture in the latest catalogue.

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