Studio couch returns!

by ercol on July 7, 2010

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Since we relaunched a small selection of classic pieces from our back catalogue as our Originals range a few years ago, we’ve had lots of requests to re-release our 355 studio couch. Well, we’ve listened and are delighted to reintroduce this iconic piece in this, our 90th year.

The studio couch was designed by the company’s founder, Lucian Ercolani, and was originally launched in the late 1950s. As well as looking great, the studio couch was highly functional, designed to act both as a┬álarge sofa and an occasional bed. Featuring characteristic steam bent arms the studio couch is made from solid elm and beech in our Buckinghamshire factory and is available in a choice of over a hundred different fabrics.

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Michele McEvers September 6, 2010 at 21:25

I am looking for a studio couch that was popular in the early 50’s. I don’t know if they are even made anymore as I have not located one from any of the many web pages I have looked at.
the couch – used in our living room as a couch – was a normal couch sitting width with big triange shaped bolsters for the back. There were no arms. the seating cusion served as a matress for the bottom when it was pulled out from beneath the couch. then both peices were the same level and you had a double bed…
It only took the space of a couch – but was really easy to slide the bottom in and out and then flip the cusion back to it’s original position.
There were no legs showing (the couch was boxed in, but the bottom was on rollers). It was comfortable to sit on and went with any kind of decorating theme. Is there anything on the market now like this or even comes close other than the trundle. And the trundle is too wide. Any info you can come up with would be helpful. and you are the only site I have found a comment page on. I appreciate your time and thank you so much


ercol September 7, 2010 at 08:26

Can anyone provide any information that will help Michele? I’m afraid we’re not aware of this piece. There are quite a few companies now in the UK that specialise in selling vintage furniture from this era – a web search should find these; some will search for a piece if you have a specific request. Or of course a lot of vintage furniture comes up on ebay and gumtree which you could keep an eye on through a google search. Sorry can’t be of more specific help.


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